Massage Courses: Discover the Treasure Inside Your Body

During summer I lead a lot of conversations, which were roughly the following:

“I would like to come to one of your courses, but I do not have a partner…”

Me: “Well, that is not a problem…”

Cue: surprised look…

So I continue: “Except for the courses for couples that are called A retreat for couples or Love and passion, all our courses are suitable for individuals too.”

Even more surprised looks…

“This concerns all our massage courses. Whoever comes to our course as an individual, participates in exercises with some other participant. Or he or she can also just watch and absorb information if he or she feels that practising with a stranger would be too intimate.”, I add, because I know that for example concerning the course of an intimate massage Yoni and Lingam many people are wondering about this.

Everyone can decide at the course according to current feelings, whether he or she would want to train the massage in a public space with some of the participants, or leave the practical part for home and some other time. Although this possibility exists, usually only very few people make use of it. Most participants want to practice the massage, even if they were not quite sure about how they would feel about it before.

How does it work?

The atmosphere at the seminar is natural, friendly and respectful to all the participants. Because it is an intimate topic, lot of people, who come to the seminar for the first time, have hidden worries: What will be happening?

The teaching part includes practical information and a live demo. During this you see with your own eyes and experience, how the intimate massage of men and women is performed. You not only learn the techniques of touch, but the whole approach to giving a massage – setting the attention and the presence of the person giving the massage.

And you also learn how to receive. That acceptance is not just about closing the eyes and waiting with a tension, what is going to happen. We emphasize the fact that each participant gets as much as possible out of the course for his or her life. This includes the freedom and satisfaction in their intimate experience.

A great contribution of the course of intimate massage is that everyone will learn the tools to increase the capacity to experience joy and pleasure in your body, regardless of how efficient or skilful lover our partner is or how well he or she strokes or massages us.

This is happening thanks to so called Active receiving. The one who is receiving consciously activates his or her body, breath and voice. He or she communicates verbally and nonverbally. And in this way he or she, on a conscious and subconscious level, helps the one who is giving the massage, helps to tune up to his or her body to a maximum and support him or her with just the exact touches and approach that is necessary to increase the feeling, the joy and the pleasure.

Someone is horrified already at the thought that he or she should significantly reveal his or her self on the field of intimacy… To show his or her feelings and wishes…

In our culture, at first it is quite hard to express his or herself on their desires in the field of intimacy. We often freeze with shame, low self-esteem, a sense of inadequacy or simply the fact that “we do not feel much”. It’s not our fault, we were brought up this way. The good news is that this can be changed rather quickly, and we can feel comfortable, confident and alive in our bodies.

What does the course bring into my life?

Nowadays in our society sexuality is presented as being there for reproduction and for entertainment. We hear less about its other gifts, such as healing ability and creativity. Sexuality is the most fundamental life force. Thanks to sexuality, we exist in our body. Thanks to sexuality, we have been created.

And sexuality can also powerfully heal on the levels of body and soul. It strengthens our vitality, our ability of regeneration and healing. It promotes the joy of life and gives wings to our soul.

Thanks to sexuality we do not only create offspring, but the same power infuses life into many living and working projects. It brings us inspiration and the ability to make our dreams real.

An intimate massage helps us to build a powerful, meaningful contact with this power within us.And at the same time we learn to awaken this gift in others. It brings the joy and a significant value into our lives and into the lives of our beloved ones.

What if I do not have a partner? Does it make sense for me to participate in the course?

Learning to work with sexuality makes sense regardless of whether or not we are in a relationship. We develop, widen our horizons, get to know ourselves and learn to give pleasure to us and others through touching ourselves and others. We do not have to be in a sexual relationship for that. An affectionate, respectful touch can come from a complete “foreigner”, and open new horizons to us.

Through a touch from others we learn to know and love ourselves more. A loving touch, that does not require anything in return, that is not even an invitation to a relationship or sex, is a great gift, through which we can open up ourselves, to life and ultimately to others as well.

What benefits does the course offer to couples?

For most couples it is a great relief when the partner is being “educated” in how to approach the other through someone independent. It is often hard to explain to the beloved one without leaving the partner at least a little aggrieved what we like and what we don’t. Or we find the thing the partner wants abstruse or even strange.

The needs of women and men in accepting and expressing pleasure are often VERY different. And it is difficult for us to realize that the partner might really like something LIKE THIS…?!

Often we don’t even really understand our needs. It is difficult to realize it ourselves, not to mention explaining it to our partner.

We will do the job for you at the course! We will name and explain what you have been feeling inside yourself since a long time and perhaps just didn’t know how to express it. You will understand, why for most women a good intimate massage starts with a quality conversation, empathic listening and great attention to those parts of the body we wouldn’t describe as intimate.

On the other hand, you will understand why there is no need to prepare most men with an hour long back massage and caressing their heart before massaging their penis… And why it really is not “too fast” when you include the most valuable part of the body into a massage “immediately”…

… and why this is NOT the case for most women!!!

Among other things, woman will learn, they do not have to passively wait for love and pleasure, but they can experience it whenever they want to.

And men can become masters of whole body, multiple orgasms. And choose whether to ejaculate, or experience great pleasure even without ejaculation. They will have the choice. This is not a fairy tale!

How can intimate massage contribute to the increase of life quality at all levels?

While working with sexuality, we go straight to the roots. It’s the fastest way to boost body and soul, to develop our creative power, to make our dreams real in everyday life, to experience love and joy much stronger than we ever thought it was possible, to feel free and happy, despite the practical course of our lives and many commitments, to have the freedom of choice of what we are experiencing. And much more…

We carry the greatest treasure inside us, inside our body…

Denisa Říha Palečková is speaker, author and teacher. Since 2002, Denisa has been helping thousands people worldwide to create amazing relationships and live the life of their dreams.

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