We organize workshops concerned with these topics: tantra, love, sexuality, personal development, partnership, spirituality.

The training is created mainly for those, who already work as body workers, sex teachers, yoga instructors, psychologists and medical care workers. Nevertheless it is also advisable for those, who would like to undergo a really deep path of self-transformation and to widen his/her possibilities of perceiving and experiencing.
Meet YOURSELF. Open yourself to LIFE. Open yourself to LOVE. Mindfull and sensitive work with body, touch and intimacy is one of the strongest tools of developing your personal strength, life enjoyment, feeling of your life journey and possibilities that you have in your life. Thanks to lovefull attention to your body and soul you will clean up the old patterns and programs and you will open your system to more joy and wishes of the bottom of your heart. This training is for both individuals and couples, for both amateurs and professionals.