Tantric Massage Helps You to Develop Your Feelings of Pleasure

A tantric massage – or a holistic sensual massage as we call it in our conception – is more than just a simple massage. It is an opportunity for personal development. Through a tantric massage we learn to better perceive, respect and accept our body. We learn to listen to our feelings and see them as our helpers in the course of our lives.

A female body is like a sponge – it perceives and absorbs all situations. Experiences that hurt while remaining unexpressed cause reduced sensitivity of the body. These may be completely “simple” incidents. For example, somebody hurts you with his or her words or behavior. Although you might simply “swallow” the situation, your body does not forget the experience. It collects unexpressed tears or anger somewhere. A woman that holds back her emotions reduces her own pleasures. She suppresses pain, but at the same time she necessarily has to suppress joy too, on the level of body and soul. In this way, not only tears or anger, but also nice feelings are “under cover.”

The conscious loving touches of a tantric massage can help to release such feelings. Female pleasure is evolved not only through the “correct technique,” but mostly because the woman lets her body free of all that inhibits her and turns her down. Her body can automatically feel much more then, and become more sensitive. And finally, her ability to enjoy pleasure grows.
For women, the power of erotic experience is in direct proportion to the level of her ability to open and deliver herself. A loving, conscious and present touch of the masseur helps very much. Open and respectful ambience helps a lot too.

What can you expect from a tantric massage?

The ritual itself includes many interesting elements that awake every single cell of the body and address its sensuality. The skin is activated through an oil massage and other types of touches, harder or softer, or through caress. Usually it includes furs, feathers and hot washcloths. During the opening ritual the masseur respectfully “greets” the massage recipient, both still standing, and leads him or her into a deep experience.

There is a short conversation prior to the massage. The masseur usually finds out about any previous experience with tantric massage and asks about the client’s expectations or wishes about it. It might mean a deep relaxation for one, for another an adventurous trip, for yet another a way of progress or a part of a healing process. It depends on each person if he or she chooses to include a massage of intimate parts of the body, and if he or she wants to be treated by a man or a woman.

If a woman will receive a massage including the intimate parts (the genitals), she is naked. The massage room is warm enough. Nevertheless, the woman can be covered on those parts, which are not being treated, if she wishes so. During the ritual Art of Touch without an intimate massage, a woman can wear underwear or be naked. The latter makes the experience more pleasant. Nevertheless, if it makes the women nervous the whole time, she can leave her underwear on.

Originally, traditionally, the masseur is also naked. It is not for the sake of sexual excitement – nudity expresses purity and humanity. Being naked, we are both vulnerable and strong in a way.
We adjust all to the comfort of our clients in our massage studio. For female clients the nudity of a masseur is connected with the worry of what is going to be happening. That is why we recommend especially to our male masseur students to always cover their genitals. In this way, the female clients can better relax. Female masseurs also often use a lumbar scarf, underwear or even an undershirt.

Excitement in each and every cell of the body

Both males and females seek a tantric massage to widen the capacity of experiencing pleasure. Men can work with their breath and muscle tension and relaxation during a technique called “the big draw” and learn to live through a whole body orgasm and chose if they want to ejaculate or not during the orgasm. This is new to the majority of men and they experience pleasure in each cell of their body for the first time. They reach the peak in a very intense and pleasurable way and meanwhile choose to live through this enjoyment even without ejaculation. They can feel deep satisfaction and relaxation and meanwhile not lose the energy during ejaculation.

Who are the tantric massage clients?

Our clients are men and women of all age groups. One condition for an intimate massage is maturity. I remember a case when a father bought his 18-year-old son a King (three hour long) tantric massage. He wanted his son to get to know and evolve his sexuality in the deepest possible way. It makes a young man a naturally better, more sensible and responsive lover.

Women often come suspecting tantric massage could help them in healing certain wounds or pain, that it helps to fully develop their pleasure. Natural feelings like shame and a feeling that “something about me or my body is wrong” belong among issues in experiencing pleasure. A tantric massage helps in solving such issues and the client experiences his or her body with thankfulness as a very wise and beautiful jewel that is being appreciated and listened to.

Tantric massages are also popular among couples. Most couples inspire their intimate life in this way. Some search for a certain attractive adventure and for a step out of our comfort-zone, a taste of something new. We have many clients in Tantra Spa that give a tantric massage for two as an anniversary gift to their partner. Those couples leave us with enthusiastic feelings and a deeper relationship. A shared experience is a celebration and broadens their horizons in further intimate life. There are also couples for whom a tantric massage is an “s.o.s. call,” because they search for a way out of a difficult situation or a crisis. An experienced massage therapist can help to verbalize the possible tensions in the relationship with understanding and sympathy and to consult with the couple on how to solve possible future crises and conflicts.

An experienced tantric masseur has deep experiences and has worked with people on levels of body and soul. They are sensitive and they are deeply willing to help people on the deepest possible level. It is not about erotic methods only, because human sexuality is a highly complex matter, closely related to his or her soul.