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Denisa Říha Palečková

Denisa Říha Palečková is speaker, author and teacher. Since 2002, Denisa has been helping thousands people worldwide to create amazing relationships and live the life of their dreams.
18.9. 2018

Video: What can I do if I do not want to have sex?

Many women avoid sex in their relationship, feel pressure from their partner or their sex live is not as satisfiying as it might be. How to make physical love and passion interesting for both parthers? It is important to discover joy and pleasure in your own body.

video how to improve relationship
18.8. 2018

Video: How to Improve the Relationship with Your Partner

Do you want to improve your relationship and to revive it? Do you want to re-energize your partnership but your partner isnt open for a change? The change begins with you.

video about vaginal mapping
21.6. 2018

Video: Vaginal mapping – Returning to One Another

In this video we take a closer look on a method called “vaginal mapping”. Denisa Říha Palečková describes how this method can help women relax the pelvic floor and wake sensitivity not only in the intimate area, but also improve the perception of the whole body.

video about premature ejaculation
20.6. 2018

Video: Premature ejaculation

Many couples are concerned about the topic of premature ejaculation. In this video I will introduce and explain the possibilities of dealing with it in an easy way, for example through slow sex, bodywork or breath techniquies.

video about impotence
20.5. 2018

Video: Impotence

Let’s take a closer look at the so called impotence. Our sexuality has two sides. Not only the active, performance-focused one, but also a receptive one and they should be in balance.

video about restoring intimacy
20.4. 2018

Video: Restoring intimacy

Has sexuality vanished from your relationship? This problem affects many couples and is often connected to the suppressed emotions of women. Bodywork and healing through experiencing is the quick and effective method I recommend.

18.12. 2017

Vaginal Mapping – Story of a Weekend

Four sessions of vaginal mapping in a long and detailed story of one brave woman In February I set out on a journey that is changing my life in an incredible way every day. In a women’s support program (GIFEW), during one of the training courses, I met Denisa Říha Palečková, a professional in the...

18.12. 2017

Vaginal Mapping – Story of a Client

Our client tells her story of a vaginal mapping session, what happened prior to this and how her life changed afterwards. Almost one year ago when I read the headline “Vaginal Mapping” and looked at the web pages of Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík, I only said to myself…”Oh my god!” My best friend came...

18.12. 2017

Slow Sex – Conscious Lovemaking

What is it? How can it help our intimate life? In present time, we are overwhelmed by various images of sexuality. Kids and teenagers usually lack any sexual education from their parents or teachers, because the adults – flooded by shame and embarrassment – silently expect their offspring to have plenty of opportunities to learn...

18.12. 2017

Massage Courses: Discover the Treasure Inside Your Body

During summer I lead a lot of conversations, which were roughly the following: “I would like to come to one of your courses, but I do not have a partner…” Me: “Well, that is not a problem…” Cue: surprised look… So I continue: “Except for the courses for couples that are called A retreat for couples or Love and...